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Marketplace at Avalon Park Vegan and Vegetarian Menu Guide

Marketplace at Avalon Park, Orlando’s newest and trendy food hall, offers an eclectic mix of food options including vegetarian and vegan dishes from chili garlic tofu bowls to mushroom burgers. With 11 different vendors serving up an array of ethnic and traditional cuisines, there’s something to please everyone’s palate.

Whether you are a plant-based veteran or just beginning, the Marketplace has some options for you.  To distinguish the items available on the marketplace menu, a vegan option, which does not include meat (including fish), poultry, dairy products, and eggs is indicated by a (v).  A vegetarian option is similar; however, it may contain dairy products or eggs and is indicated by a (vg). See the guide below to help you navigate the vegan and vegetarian-friendly options available at Marketplace.


Skinny Bob without meat (vg)

Grand Ashby’s Mac n’ Cheese (vg)

Corn Salad (vg)

Sweet Cole Slaw (vg)

Bowigen’s Beer Cheese (vg)


KBBQ Kitchen

Vegetable Box (v)

Fried Cheese Rolls (vg)

Mandu (v)

White Rice (v)

Kimchi (v)

Ginger Salad (v)

Choco-pie (vg)


Pico De Gallo Mexican Grill

Classic Nachos without meat (vg)

Any Taco, Burrito or Bowl without meat (vg)

Salad (vg)

Quesadilla (vg)

Fresh Guacamole (v)

Salsa (v)

White Queso Dip (vg)

Churros (vg)



Mardi Gras Slaw (vg)

Seasoned Curly Fries (vg)

Beignets (vg)

Chocolate Chunk Cookie (vg)


Brazas Chicken

Papa a la Huancaina (vg)

Peruvian Fried Corn (v)

Fried Yuca (v)

Maduros (v)

Tostones (v)

Salad (vg)

Rice and Beans (v)

Banana Cheesecake (vg)

Alfajores (vg)


Lemon Shark Poké

Chili Garlic Tofu Bowl (v)

Crispy Sesame Tofu (v)

Build Your Own Bowl without meat (vg)

Miso Soup (v)


Cheese To Share

Cheese Boards without meat (vg)

Signature Bread Bowl without meat (vg)

Avocado Toast (v)

PB&J Toast (v)

Brie Toast (vg)

Goated Toast (vg)

Margherita Flatbread (vg)

Cheese Flatbread (vg)

Caprese Skewer (vg)

Paradise Skewer (vg)

Cheese Tequeños (vg)

Crystal Bread (vg)


Rosso Specialty Coffee

Espresso (v)

Regular Brew & Pour Over (v)

Americano (v)

Cortado (v)

Flat White (v)

Cappuccino (v)

Latte (v)

Mocha (vg)

Hot Chocolate (vg)

Tea (vg)

Lemonade (vg)

Matcha (v)

Pastries (vg)

Bagel (vg)

Affogato (vg)


The Avalon Kitchen

Mushroom Burger (vg)

The Impossible Cheeseburger (vg)

Mediterranean Salad (v)

Avocado Salad (vg)

Tator Tots (vg)

Onion Rings (vg)

Waffle Fries (vg)


Sip ‘n Roll

Smoothies (vg)

Stubborn Floats (vg)

Sweet Treats (vg)


Bowigens Beer Company

Beer (vg)

Everything else (v)



Make sure to stop by any day of the week to try these delicious meals!  Let us know what you try the next time you come for lunch or dinner by tagging us in all your foodie pictures @MarketplaceAtAvalonPark and #eatertainment. The Marketplace is located in the heart of Downtown Avalon Park at 3801 Avalon Park E Blvd Ste. 100. To see more of each menu and what each place has to offer, you can visit for more information.

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