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Spoleto Italian Kitchen to Open in the Marketplace at Avalon Park

Spoleto Italian Kitchen to Open in the Marketplace at Avalon Park

 New Fast Casual Italian Cuisine is Heading to the Food Hall this Summer


Orlando, FL (May 10, 2022) – Marketplace at Avalon Park is pleased to announce that Spoleto Italian Kitchen has signed an agreement to be the newest vendor in the food hall, Marketplace at Avalon Park.

Spoleto was founded in 1999 by Eduardo Ourivio and Mario Chady, who have since grown their business to over 300 franchised restaurants across multiple countries. Looking to expand into the United States, the founders opened their first US location across from the University of Central Florida in March 2015, with the Florida Mall dining pavilion location following shortly behind. Four additional locations were added later in Miami and all the way to Irvine, CA. Due to the pandemic in 2020, Spoleto had to shut down all its American locations. Now with much excitement and anticipation, it has returned to Orlando.

Laura Henderson joined the leadership team in August 2015 and quickly grew with the brand. Moving from store-level leadership to the corporate executive chef position where she focused on recreating the recipes and bringing the founders’ dreams to life specifically, organic, non-GMO, farm-to-table cuisine in a fast-casual space at an amazing price. As a result, Henderson took on the National Director of Operations role within the first year of her tenure and grew the brand with 4 additional restaurants. When Spoleto started back up last year, Henderson was offered the position of Master Franchisee for the State of Florida by Ourivio. Henderson and her business partner Ross Maldonado opened the first location in the Dollins Food Hall in downtown Orlando in November 2021 and are now adding their second location in the Marketplace at Avalon Park.

Spoleto is famously known for its build-your-own portion of the menu, specifically pastas. You are able to choose your base, six ingredients, your choice of sauce, and garnishes. At Spoleto, the guest is the chef!

“At Spoleto, we are committed to the everyday importance of eating well,” said Laura Henderson, Master Franchisee of Florida for Spoleto. “We are passionate about sharing our table and vision of food as a means of nurturing the body. We feel the same way about Avalon. This neighborhood prides itself on the joys and satisfaction of the residence.”

Spoleto will bring organic, non-GMO, farm-to-table cuisine in a fast-casual space at an amazing price in the Marketplace.

“Spoleto had a huge following before the pandemic hit. We were very sad to see them close because of Covid. We are very excited to be a part of their comeback and even more excited to bring their unique take on fresh Italian food to the Marketplace,” says Derek McCracken, General Manager of Marketplace at Avalon Park.

Spoleto is currently planning to open its 344th location in the Marketplace in early July 2022.

Marketplace at Avalon Park brings together local chefs, artisans, and makers to share their creations in an innovative and community-minded food hall. It is located in the heart of Downtown Avalon Park, at 3801 Avalon Park East Boulevard, and encompasses over 8,000 square feet with 9 eatery bays that comprise the food hall, a commissary kitchen, a general store, brewery taproom, sit-down restaurant, and bar, and featuring regular events and live entertainment.

For more information visit or contact Derek McCracken at or 407-730-3515.


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