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Pico de Gallo Mexican Grill Brings Latin American Flavors and Traditions to Marketplace at Avalon Park

Pico de Gallo Mexican Grill Brings Latin American Flavors and Traditions to Marketplace at Avalon ParkBorn in Nicaragua, Pico de Gallo Mexican Grill Head Chef Heisell Alarcon and her sister and CEO, Heidi, prepared and studied for 12 years before immigrating to America with the dream of creating a restaurant that serves authentic, healthy, and nutritional food inspired by their Latin heritage. 

However, their dream really began as children growing up in the kitchen with their mother, an incredible chef in her own right.

“She was known as THE CHEF in our town,” Alarcon recalls. “Arguably the greatest chef I have ever known.”

Her experiences with her mother blossomed a love for cooking that led Heisell to graduate from Culinary School in Nicaragua before embarking on a professional career that has ranged from managing kitchens, catering events, and training as a sous chef to becoming general manager of a well-known food chain franchise.

“I became THE CHEF for our extended family when my mother passed on, which I’d guess means she was successful in raising me and passing the torch.”

With her experience in the food service industry and Heidi’s successful business acumen, Heisell and her sister were encouraged by their family and community to combine their knowledge and passion to open Pico de Gallo Mexican Grill in downtown Avalon Park.  

 “It’s an amazing location, with an incredibly diverse population, and also our home. We love our community—our neighbors have become our extended family.”

A fast-casual restaurant serving cuisine that is rooted in Latin American flavors and traditions, Pico de Gallo Mexican Grill boasts a variety of authentic meals prepared with hand-picked, fresh ingredients. 

“I love creating dishes with authentic ingredients. No blends or packaged products that are found in the general supermarket aisle. I make all ingredients from scratch, with real, flavorful homemade recipes.”

From bowls and tacos to salads and antojitos, each offering at Pico de Gallo Mexican Grill creates a medley of flavorful tastes to help satisfy your cravings.

“It’s the kind of food that you can smell from rooms away, which makes you stop what you’re doing to walk over, regardless if you’re hungry!”

In addition to her popular Agave Chicken, Heisell is excited to debut new recipes and dishes to neighbors and visitors at the new Marketplace at Avalon Park location.

“I can hardly wait to see the reactions on their faces.”

Located in the Marketplace at Avalon Park food hall, Pico de Gallo Mexican Grill guarantees great food, a great atmosphere, and a great time!

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